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Anal Glands - What Are They And Why Do They Cause A Problem?

Anal glands are a common problem we see come through the store, want to know why? Read this blog post!

Anal glands are a small sacs located just inside the anus. They contain a smelly fluid that is usually expressed when your dog toilets if they are functioning normally. Although, sometimes this doesn't occur and they may need to be expressed. Some signs that they need to be expressed: - Scooting along the floor - Biting/licking at their back end - Smelly breath

We express them in store, so call us to book an appointment! In store we also have some options to help improve your dog's anal gland function that we can discuss with you. These include: - High fibre diets - Glandex: a supplement to help target the underlying issues and improve proper anal gland function

So if your dog is showing signs of improper anal gland function, then pop into the store or call us to discuss further!


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